The Preserve

Intervale Lowlands is a 160 acre nature preserve in Lake Placid, NY along the West Branch of the Ausable River. It is comprised of forested areas, grasslands, wetlands, and aquatic habitats that support more than 150 species of birds. We host a number of events for conservation organizations, schools, and local charities. Please see our current events for happenings at the preserve. We also welcome naturalists and birders to help add to our biological inventory. Please contact us for details.

Intervale Lowlands as a Nature Preserve

Intervale Lowlands has been preserved under a conservation easement held by the Lake Placid Land Conservancy. The goal of this easement is to retained the natural, scenic, forested, agricultural, and open space condition of Intervale Lowlands, in perpetuity. Another great source of information on land conservation is the  Land Trust Alliance. We recognize that there may be future incremental shifts in forest type and species composition due to variation in climate and natural ecosystem succession over time. With this in mind, we are managing Intervale Lowlands to promote ecosystem health with specific emphasis on the influences of climate change. Our scientific approach utilizes national observation networks, regional conservation organizations, and local naturalist expertise. Please read about our current and ongoing projects at Intervale Lowlands.

Current Projects

In collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society and Dr. Ezra Schwartzberg of Adirondack Research, we are developing a climate-informed management strategy tailored to Intervale Lowlands Farm. The strategy will identify ways to help habitat and species adapt to ecosystem changes that are likely influenced by a changing climate. This starts with a baseline inventory of all taxa at Intervale Lowlands Farm and includes long-term biological and phenological surveys that align with the USA National Phenological Network. Click here to learn more about this project.

Ongoing and Future Interests

History: In addition to a baseline biological inventory, we are compiling a natural history of land use on Intervale Lowlands farm and the surrounding properties. We are interested in talking with neighbors and longtime area residents to piece together a history of agricultural and silvicultural use.

Weather: Intervale Lowlands has an automated meteorological station that records temperature, rainfall, leaf wetness, solar radiation, barometric pressure, and wind. These weather data will be paired to phenological observations over time. Our weather station data can be accessed here. Birding: The Adirondack High Peaks have been designated an Important Bird Area (IBA) of New York state. We encourage birding at Intervale Lowlands and are happy to share this unique ecosystem with the birding community. Photography: We welcome photographers and encourage naturalist to capture wildlife with their cameras. Larry Master’s images can be viewed at Please contact us if you would like to contribute your photographs to our database.


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