Biological Inventory

About the inventory

Our biological inventory is an ongoing long-term effort to catalog the flora and fauna on the preserve in its current state, and as this ecosystem changes over time. We aim to contribute towards regional efforts to investigate and mitigate the effects of climate change on biodiversity in the Adirondacks. This biological survey is a collaborative project with the Wildlife Conservation Society to manage Intervale Lowlands as a demonstration site for land management strategies that help ecosystems and wildlife species adapt to climate change.

We rely on taxonomic experts and field naturalists to contribute to our growing data set. Please explore our inventory and consider contributing to our efforts.

Applications for observers

We incorporate data into the Intervale Lowlands data-set from eBird using the Birdlog app for the iPhone and the iNaturalist app from iNatualist. Please consider using these tools to record your observations.


Access to database

Use the following links to access our online submission form. You can also download a working inventory in Microsoft Excel format.

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Current bird sightings at Intervale Lowlands

Other sightings at Intervale Lowlands